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Stay Safe at Home During Halloween

October 27th, 2016

halloween-tips-maisonHalloween is a time of spooky fun and tricky treats, but it doesn’t need to be time for accidents or safety issues! Especially when kids are having fun with costumes and candies are involved, it’s easy to forget about safe Halloween practices at home. Here are some tips to keep things fun, scary AND safe.

·       Keep your home safe for any trick-or-treaters who visit. Remove anything that might trip a child in your yard: toys or bikes, lawn decorations or garden hoses, etc. Especially in the early evening or dusk, it’s hard to see what is on the ground.

·       Check all your outdoor lights to replace any lightbulbs that are burnt out. While darkness on Halloween creates a spooky environment, it’s not safe if kids can’t see where they are going.

·       Make sure your dogs don’t jump on trick-or-treaters or even bite them. Cat’s should also be kept from the areas where costumed kids might be coming since a sudden screech from a cat might scare kids in the wrong way.

Decorating the home is another area to consider regarding home safety.

·       Never let small children carve pumpkins. Knives are dangerous. Let them draw faces with markers so that adults can do the carving.

·       Think about using a glow stick, flashlight, or battery operated candles to light up the carved pumpkin. Candles are creepy fun with their flickering shadows, but candles are not safe for kids. If you insist on using candles, make sure to use votive candles.

·       Any candlelit pumpkins should be on a sturdy surface. Make sure no curtains or similar flammable things are near. Don’t leave pumpkins with candles left alone on a porch unattended when visitors may be near it.

·       Also, make sure any other decorations you create are safe. Don’t place decorations with sharp points where visiting children might walk and be stuck. Make sure that lights are safe, no loose cords or frayed wires to shock people. That’s not a good shock on Halloween!

From an eating standpoint, all Halloween kids – even adults! – love candy and other goodies, but try to use good sense.

·       Have a good healthy meal for kids and adults before having lots of sweets and junk food at a party. This will discourage the young ones from stuffing themselves with candy. And it might help you also!

·       Have some non-food treats for visitors to your house. Think about coloring books or pens and pencils or small, safe plastic models. Not all kids can have the goodies you pass out.

·       Don’t let kids eat treats until an adult has sorted through them. There may be spoiled or unwrapped (or suspicious items!) that need to be discarded. Better safe than sorry! So make it a great, safe Halloween for all kids and adults.


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