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Maison Insurance wants to help put your minds at ease when it comes to making a claim from Hurricane Harvey in Texas. Maison Insurance wants to help educate our policyholders in any way we can to help aid you in putting your life back together from this catastrophic event.  Maison is strongly supportive of consumer protection laws which bolster customers’ faith in the insurance market generally and our product in particular. Recent media coverage in regards to HB 1774 has created much confusion. As Governor Greg Abott stated, “The implementation of this bill does not affect the ability of any policyholder to be able to file a claim or have that claim paid.” Maison is committed to working with its policyholders to file their claims and strives to “Protect Your Tomorrow… Today.”

It speaks volumes that while insurers are standing ready to surge claims adjusters into impacted areas as soon as search and recovery efforts transition to rebuilding, storm-chasing lawyers are focused on lawsuits.

Contrary to recent misleading social media posts and news accounts, the insurance claims process for insurance policyholders will not change under reform legislation (HB 1774) that was passed by the Texas Legislature this year and goes into effect Sept. 1. Instead, the new law adds checks and balances to the system to dissuade unnecessary, manufactured lawsuits that were lining the pockets of third parties and not policyholders.

David A. Sampson, Contributor






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