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Making Plans for Thanksgiving

November 17th, 2016
maison-insurance_thanksgiving_plan_v2Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. It’s time to make plans now! Here are some suggestions for what to do in preparation for the day of Thanksgiving.
THE WEEK BEFORE: The week before you should write out your grocery list and make sure it’s complete and correct. Now is the time to plan the table setting. Are you using cloth napkins and table cloth? Are they clean and pressed? You need to make a seating chart now if you need one, and it’s time to start getting the kitchen clean and organized. Create a cooking plan and timeline and get any dishes out of storage and clean any that you may need.
THE MONDAY BEFORE: Go ahead and buy your food that is nonperishable. You can get the perishable stuff the day before. Clean the wine glasses and polish up that holiday silverware. Defrost the turkey, if it’s frozen, since this will take a couple of days in the fridge. Think about how the meal will be served and finish any decorating around the house you need to do.
THE TUESDAY BEFORE: Now it’s time to make pies and start baking cakes. Baking is an entire afternoon in itself. we recommend making the cranberry sauce now since it’s a little better when it sits for a day or so. Cut up any bread cubes that you need for stuffing. Remember that the bread should be very dry, even a little stale.
THE WEDNESDAY BEFORE: Time to chop up all the vegetables. Finish the pies and any last-minute baking stuff, icings etc. Peel your potatoes and get the appetizers going. Make a store run for last-minute groceries and perishables. The store might be busy so leave a little extra time. Finish side dishes and have a glass of wine and rest. Review your food list to make sure you prepared everything you meant to. 
ON THANKSGIVING DAY: Get out the turkey and cook it! The centerpiece of the meal will be the turkey even if you are having other meats. Make the stuffing and put all the appetizers in dishes. Chill the wine and cocktails but don’t drink yet. Wait for your guests. Add last-minute touches to the decorations and make sure your house is very clean, especially the bathrooms. Light candles or build a fire…whatever gives your home that homey Thanksgiving feeling! Welcome your guests with your best smile and have the best Thanksgiving ever!


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