Maison will work with you throughout the entire claim process. We’ll do our best to explain the claim and recovery/rebuild process and assist you along the way.

When can I expect an adjuster to inspect my damage after I reported my claim?

We have dedicated staff adjusters that are assigned immediately after your claim is reported. Your claim will be assigned to an adjuster in your territory, and the adjuster will contact you the same day if possible and no later than the following day to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

What do I do if I have an emergency water loss?

Begin by reporting the claim and if you need a qualified water mitigation expert we will refer one to you.

If you have standing water in you residence:

Be careful! Do not turn on any electrical switches until your electrical system has been checked. Turn off your main switch by standing on a dry surface and using a piece of heavy rubber, plastic or dry wood. If you have gas service, check for fumes. If you notice an odor, call the gas company immediately.

How Do I Prevent Further Damage?

Take steps immediately to protect your property from further damage. Board up holes or shut off water supplies to ensure your belongings are not damaged more than they have been. Move items out of wet basements and away from flooded parts of your home. Save receipts for materials you use. Any reasonable costs associated with protecting your property from further damage may be reimbursable if the loss is covered by your policy.

Should I Be Concerned About Health Hazards?

During a flood cleanup, the indoor air quality in your home may appear to be the least of your problems. However, failure to remove contaminated materials and reduce moisture and humidity can present serious long-term health risks. Standing water and wet materials are a breeding ground for microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and mold. They can cause disease, trigger allergic reactions and continue to damage materials long after the flood.If safe to enter the home… take photos of any damaged property, and keep receipts of any funds you spend for emergency supplies. If you do not feel it is safe to enter your home, wait for your adjuster who will come out and inspect your property and coordinate with a Water Extraction company for covered losses.

What do I do if I have a fire loss?

  • Safety first- contact the fire department immediately.
  • Report the claim and if you need a qualified fire mitigation/restoration expert we will refer one to you.
  • Advise us if you need temporary housing and we will work with you to locate a safe comparable residence for you and your family.
  • Keep receipts for any expenses incurred.
  • Emergency advances may be issued by our Claims office if necessary, notify your adjuster with any concerns or requests.


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