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At Maison, we understand that buying a home is the largest single lifetime investment a person may make. The goal of our claims team is to respond to your needs with compassion and speed and with as little disruption in your life as possible.

We do this through:

  • Prompt professional 24 hour, seven days a week claims service.
  • Clear communication with our policyholders so they know what is happening during the entire claims process.
  • Established professional relationships with water mitigation companies, contractors, engineers, and other vendors committed to assisting in the rebuilding process.

Our claims leadership team has successfully managed catastrophic events that include hurricanes in Florida, Texas and Louisiana, tornados and hail storms in the Midwest, and earthquakes in California. They understand the importance of going the extra mile to ensure catastrophe response plans are updated on a routine basis. At Maison, our claims professionals are here for you – when you need us most.


“It is a rare thing to have an insurance company that cares as much about your customers as you do. As an independent agent, you build relationships with your customers that usually are passed down to their kids and their grandkids. Insuring all the things in their lives like auto, homes, and boats. It doesn’t really mean anything until a disaster strikes and then that piece of paper becomes the most important thing in the world to a family.

We insured our client’s brand new home on January 31, 2014 and in November of the same year, tragedy struck. Inexplicably their outside fireplace blew up and caught the house on fire. For a couple, with four kids, to deal with this right before two of the biggest holidays of the year hit hard. Our client was very distraught and called me to report the claim. I assured him that everything was going to be alright and Maison was right there.

Maison had a claims adjuster at the property the very next day (which was a Sunday) and had a restoration company on site as well. The folks at Maison treated my insured like family! They were in constant contact with him and also with my office to make sure every facet of the claims process went smoothly. They located 4 houses in the same zip code within a week for the family to move into right away. The payment to start the cleanup and rebuild was swift and the home was rebuilt.

After the insured moved back into the house I received a call from a nervous insured. He asked me if he was going to be dropped by Maison because of the claim. I looked up the renewal and informed him that Maison had, indeed, issued the renewal offer and it was only about $27 more than last year. I could sense the relief over the phone.

Maison took care of my insured and I know that I can depend on them to be there for any of my customers in the future. Maison is not just an insurance company, they are there to help you sleep at night.”

Steven Burkhalter, Capstone Insurance


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Maison Insurance Company is a BBB Accredited Insurance Company in Tampa, FL